Darko Farms & Co. Ltd, is a leading integrated poultry production company in Ghana. With the production capacity for producing large-scale day-old-chicks, Frozen Chicken, and animals feed. Darko Farms began its production in 1967. It has since grown into a thriving enterprise, with its original farm now spanning 20.56 acres.

“Darko Farms currently has a processing plant operating at 10,000 birds per day with one shift, and 20,000 birds per day with two shifts. It has a hatchery with capacity to produce 6-million-day-old chicks a year, breeder farms with a bird population of about 30,000 per batch, a layer farm with capacity of 100,000 per batch, and commercial broiler farms with capacity of 350,000 birds per cycle of 8 weeks.

In addition, the company has a feed mill with an installed capacity of 96 metric tons of feed per day, and a storage cold room of 500 metric tons.”

The company is one of the largest suppliers of day-old-chicks in West Africa, located in Ghana. The Ghanaian public depends by large on Darko Farms for the supply of dressed chicken. Besides the golden brown eggs coming from the ISA Brown hens of the different Darko Farms are the favorite choice of many hotels, restaurants and homes across Ghana.

At Darko Farms they sell day-old layer chicks, day-old broiler chicks and feed for all types of poultry (laying hens, broilers and rearing).


Credit: CitiNewsRoom